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EGLCC is the advocacy group for LGBTIQ-owned businesses. Building on the outreach of its local and regional chambers, EGLCC activates opportunities for growth by connecting LGBTIQ businesses with corporations who value stronger inclusiveness and diversity in their supply chain. Our vision is the economic and social acceptance of LGBTIQ people as equals in the European business environment.

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Networking at conferences can be a daunting task, and our EGLCC Rainbow Ice Cream Corner comes to the rescue. Let us melt the ice of initial interactions, leaving you with only the cream of valuable connections. Stop by for a refreshing ice cream and a few scoops of our latest updates. We also have an exciting regional announcement in store. Here’s a closer look at 6 ways to connect with the EGLCC at the upcoming conference.

About the European Supplier Diversity Conference

Three major advocacy groups, MSDUK European Supplier Diversity Project, WEConnect International, and EGLCC, unite for the first-ever European Supplier Diversity Conference. The EGLCC will proudly represent the European LGBTIQ business community, adding a unique and inclusive perspective to the conference. Learn more

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